Criminal Defense and Expungement

We actively and aggressively pursue defenses to criminal charges.  We have defended clients against felony, misdemeanor, and district court charges.

Criminal charges can be terrifying.  The State has a group of trained, professional lawyers whose sole job is to prosecute criminal defendants.  We believe that all people should have a defense lawyer on their side when facing criminal charges. Without a quality defense lawyer to look at the case, any person runs the risk of missing something that could protect them from criminal conviction. Good criminal defense levels the playing field, and gives defendants a better chance of being found not guilty.

We ensure that our criminal clients understand their Constitutional rights, the charges the State has filed, the evidence the State may use to seek a conviction, and the potential consequences of a criminal conviction.  By providing our clients with this information, we ensure that our clients have a full understanding of the case against them, and try to take some of the uncertainty out of defending against criminal charges.

We know that criminal charges can be highly disruptive to life.  Incarceration, fines, and probation seriously impact a person’s ability to lead a normal life.  We seek to limit the impact of criminal charges by helping the client get appropriate bail and bond, and if the client is found guilty, we work to get the least possible punishment.

Criminal charges can disrupt the family relationship, as well.  Criminal charges may be the cause for divorce, or may be grounds for modification of custody or visitation.

We also know that previous criminal convictions can be highly disruptive.  In addition to defending against criminal charges, we assist clients who have a previous conviction on their records to get their criminal record cleared by expungement or record sealing.